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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  February 26, 2013 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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seven miles away you're not getting there soon and probably need to take a bus. thank you, sir, and he kept going. >> not only was 10th street icy, it doesn't have a sidewalk and when papa was surprised and ran an errand 20 minutes later and the young man was walking. >> why rpt you on the bus? >> i can't afford the bus until i get a job. >> and the restaurant wasn't the starting pount it was 42nd and post, nearly ten miles away. >> here is a kid walking almost ten miles in the ice, slush and snow for a hope of a job at minimum wage the kind of stories your parents would tell or my parents, up hills both ways in the snow. >> papa gave him a ride the rest of the way. and facebook, promising the young man a job in his kitchen if he needed one. within hours that post went viral. >> more likes than i have friends. it's been shared, you know, 1200 times, and i have no
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explanation for that. >> tonight, that promise became reality. >> yeah, i can come get you and be there in about ten minutes. is that okay? >> yeah, fine with me. >> 18-year-old shaquille reagan didn't have to walk to the new job. >> i'm lucky i met him. really i met him. >> his new boss took care of that. >> and we're a little busy in there. >> okay. >> that's fine. >> it's crazy, i don't even know. this really my heart is racing right now. so excited. i'm excited to start. thank you very much. >> and what a great story. we can all learn a thing or two from this young man and by the way, very thank you to, big thank you to wxin our fox affiliate for the story, what a great kid. that's all the time we have left this evening, let not your heart be troubled. greta is standing by to go on the record and take it away. >> can you believe it? three days ago and speaker
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boehner says it's time for the senate to get off it's-- well, we'll let the speaker tell you. >> he we should not have to move a third bill before the senate gets off their ass and begins to do something. >> sequester-hysteria. >> sequester will weaken-- >> it will weaken our military readiness. >> we're counting down the days to the disaster, zero hour. >> and the american people depend on every single day. >> holy (bleep). >> we've moved the bill in the house twice, and we should not have to move a third bill before the senate gets off their ass to do something. >> we should understand who is sitting on their posterior. >> this is a ridiculous way to run a budget show, frustrating for me and others in the, this is--
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>> it's time for leadershn the it's final for leadership, time to deal with the senate if he really wants to lead. >> i'm ashamed of what's going done with the country. >> most people don't know what the word sequester means. >> i'm ashamed there doesn't seem to be resistance to it. >> sequester is washington speak for massive job loss. >> i'm ashamed that such shallow, untrue false, lying, intellectual argument prevails. >> sequestration equals unemployment. >> it embarrasses me that the american people can be this easily controlled and bamboozled. >> no matter how you cut it, these automatic spending cuts will be devastating to the american economy. >> please tell me there's still time to fix things! >> the bottom line, what obama is predicting some day is going to happen if his policies are not he reversed.
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>> we're doomed! >> well, congress and the president trade blame and even do some nasty finger pointing. our national debt is soaring, quickly approaching 17 trillion dollars. almost 1.2 trillion was added in just 2012. that means the federal government borrows an astounding rate of 37,829 dollars a second. every second. and that's astounding isn't it? >> it's astounding. >> so on the house side speaker boehner says that the senate should in his words get off its ass, this is cable so i can say that. i hope your father's not watching. >> well, he probably is. but he's absolutely right. senate is where there needs to be action taken. the house has not once, but twice moved legislation that would replace the sequester with more responsible spending cuts and get away from the a disproportionate impact this
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has on our military budget, but so far nothing's happened in the senate. now, i think this week we may actually have a debate sometime on thursday. >> a little late. >> a little late in the game for sure. again, what the senate democrats want to do. they want to replace the sequester with tax increases, they've got a big tax increase on the first of the year, and what we need to be focused on is spending reductions and two things that republicans are not going to do. one, we're not going to turn this off for sure with tax increases, and we believe there was a commitment made to the american people and that number needs to stay in place. >> and with the issue whether tax hikes is a good idea, or bad idea or spending cuts. do you find it pathetic that the senate, you're in the minority party that they're doing this on eve of the deadline and you've known about this for a year and a half. what kind of debate can you have three days going into this. something so profoundly important? >> well, it gives the president time to run around the country and campaign and try and build pressure.
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what our experience has been with the democrat majority in the senate. they wait until that 11th hour, until the critical math time in hopes that they can get their way. in this case, the president wants his way and what the president wants out of all this is another big tax increase on the american people. they're not willing to work with us to come up with an alternative that actually replaces these spending cuts with what we think are more, more responsible approach. but the one thing that we're not going to go away from, republicans in the house and the senate, is the commitment that we made and the budget control act to actually reduce spending. this has got to be about reducing spending. now shall the president got his tax increase on january 1st, that issue is settled, that's behind us. >> what does he not see as settled? >> to them it's all about growing government by raising taxes. and if you think about it 85 billion dollars is what this amounts to is the equivalent of what we borrow in one month. every 28 days we borrow 85 billion dollars.
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>> 2.4%. >> 2.4% of the total spending and every american family he when they look at this thinks why can't the federal government do what we do when we're faced with this kind of a crisis? we tighten our belt a little bit and find ways to find that 2.4% in savings and do it in a way that doesn't impact basic services and this hyper propaganda campaign, the president and some of his administration, are on right now, where we're going to-- they're going to take the highest, most visible, you know, high profile example of what's going to happen if this goes into effect. i mean, it's just propaganda and they know that, it's scare tactics and that's why they wait until the 11th hour to try and do something. >> why do you think to grow big government, why do you think he wants that. >> i think philosophically this is a president who believes profoundly in the power of government. and myself and hopefully others believes in freedom.
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and for them, if you've got a deficit it clearly means that the government doesn't tax enough, we don't have tax enough-- >> or you mean you spend too much, one or the other. >> we believe that the government spends too much. again, two very different views of what the problem is and what's contributed to it, but if you look at revenues and the congress militia budget office in their update two weeks ago said that revenues are coming back, in fact, they're going to exceed by almost a full percentage point the 40 year historical average for the next decade and yet, spending continues to spiral out of control. >> is there any appetite at all, the senate republicans to vote for even a nickel tax increase? that's out of the question? >> no, the president got 620 billion dollar tax increase, largest tax increase in american history on january 1st. the president talks about a balanced approach, but you know, on the fiscal cliff deal was all about taxes. there was no spending reductions there. >> and was it your thinking at the time that he's agreed that this was the sum total of tax increases and now we're going to do the cut spending?
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>> well, if you go back, if you go back to even this weekend, it was reported bob woodward in his book, of course, that was, he wrote an op-ed this weekend where he basically said the president's moved the goal post and tax increases weren't a part of the budget control act. there was a spending reductions and the super committee didn't reach a solution and these across the board spending cuts. it was all spending. and what he's essentially doing is saying, now, i want taxes out of this. and he did get taxes, he got 620 billion dollars in new taxes on january the 1st. so, right now, greta for republicans in congress the tax issue has been settled and this is now about what are we going to do to rein in out of control government spending and 85 billion dollars, again, we're talking about the equivalent of the amount that the federal government borrows every single month. >> senator, nice to see you, sir. >> thank you, greta. >> while speaker boehner is hammering, jim demint a hammering over the tax hikes, what is going on that the
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president knows the tax hikes are going to hurt so he's blaming the sequester. >> good evening, greta. >> most of the media so sold out to obama that they're missing the obvious here, the policies that the president has in place, especially tax increases that just got in, are going to hurt our economy. probably actually bring it down. the president is desperate to blame it on the republicans. he wants to blame it on a reduction in government spending. but the taxes are taking almost two and a half times more out of the economy than the sequester will. i spent a graph over that we weren't able to get up tonight, but spending under the sequester continues to go up. and we raise-- >> it slowed growth. it's not really a cut when we talk about the sequester. >> instead of 1.7 trillion in additional spending over the next ten years, we're going to spend additional 1.6 trillion. yet, the president is making this look like it's an
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apocalyptic situation because he wants to do what they're doing in europe is blame their economic woes on the reduction in government spending. he so, it feeds into his philosophy we've got to keep growing spending. >> does he have the republicans on the ropes on this argument? he's out, you know, giving speeches. he's not going to capitol hill and nobody's going from capitol hill to the white house and talking over everyone. i mean, he got a tax increase the first of the year. and is he going to get any tax increase now and do you have a sense that from the pr perspective, that the republicans are on the ropes? >> i hope not. the republicans are in a tough spot because most of the media is just parroting what obama is saying that these are dramatic cuts. there are no cuts at all and very few people are telling the-- >> why do they say that? >> well, i think they bought into the philosophy, they're not even looking at the real data and we developed a lot of it, heritage to look at what really what the economic
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consequences are, and to-- what is happening to the economy because of tax increases and other policies are really dramatic. and the president's trying to make 2.4% reduction in the increase as being something that's dramatic. >> i mean, nobody -- i mean, we talked about it here the at fox and want it to be correct that this is not-- the sequestration is not really a cut. it's not a cut. >> no. >> it's slowed growth. we expected to spend more and sequestration, we don't spend as much as expected and if nobody else is sort of describing it that way as we heard. is that wrong? >> no, it's not wrong at all. the big problem with sequestration is we have already -- the president has done things to begin to hurt our defense system. he's not modernized our weapons system and not followed through on the missile defense that's important in a dangerous world. and 50% of the cuts that are in the sequester come from the military, which is 20% of our total spending.
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so, that is the one part of the sequester that's problematic. >> but everyone agreed to it. >>, but, still, it's not a cut. instead of increasing defense spending 18% the next ten years, it will only increase 16%. that's not enough to get it where it needs to go, but we need to accept the fact that we have to cut more than the seoing to save our country. we need to balance our budget in the next ten years, we need to promise an 8th grader or 8-year-old by the time they go to college we're going to have our fiscal situation-- >> now, it's troubling that all of these promises that are made. if we did this ten year plan in the next congress it could be changed in a new york second. it's like nothing, i mean, all of these promises that congress makes to us two years or four years is changed. >> the promises, we have yet to cut spending. >> we have a problem now-- >> i've been in congress 14 years and we never cut
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anything and it's time we cut spending, spending has doubled in the last ten years and senator thune just said, revenues are at an all time high and the president talks about a balanced approach yet, he keeps raising taxes and we won't cut spending. he says he cut 4 trillion. he's claiming cuts to money we weren't going to spend anyway. >> and that's the cut-- >> it's hard to get the truth through right now, but frankly, i think the republicans are doing about as well as they can in the situation where the media is saying, the country is going to come to an end if we cut 2.4% out of our budget. >> senator demint, nice to see you, sir. >> nice to see you. >> an arizona sheriff is fired up accusing the obama administration of playing politics at the expense of safety. beginning with about a week ago, department of homeland security released thousands of immigrants out of detention and the sheriff paul babeu calls it unreasonable. nice to see you, sheriff.
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>> good to see you. >> so, sheriff, what's your problem with releasing the detention-- homeland security says if they have to, that they don't have the cash, and sequester is putting the financial pinch on them? >> well, i'm in the business of clues and evidence and there's a clue this is a week before all of these deadlines for this doomsday scenario sequester, and now, this plan not only this weekend, they released 500 plus right in my county. these are criminals illegals. janet napolitano says that 34,000 beds that they have for ice detainees, that it's going to have to come down and there's estimates now to 25,000 plus. where are they going? and these are the illegals that even president obama says need to be deported. >> why do you think they're doing this? do you think it's just simply politics? because i presume that nobody wants to put people who we think are criminals who are violent criminals back on the streets? >> you would hope not and what has happened, here is what
7:16 pm
they did. they never called the police chief in my county. he they never called me as a sheriff. and now, hundreds literally, illegals that a lot of them weren't even arrested in my county, but in metro phoenix encores ra incarcerated and opening the doors and out on the streets. not only that's not fair, why would they sacrifice first public safety? public safety, the military are the core responsibilities of our government and this is the first thing to go. >> how did you hear about it? >> we had at least a dozen ice agents and supervisors that called me because they know that we have pushed hard against illegal immigration and to secure our border and they knew, nobody was doing anything about it. they were -- it was crisis management, they were told, start to release everybody. they brought them in on paid overtime saturday and this past sunday, and started to release 200 plus a day, just
7:17 pm
here in my county. ice never told anybody about it and we released this publicly this morning and then only then ice came out and said, well, they're the best of the worst. they're not the real violent ones, but they're the criminal ones. and we have a problem with it because it undermines of rule of law and the fact that these are criminals besides the fact that they're illegals, they've committed additional crimes from theft, burglary, all kinds of other crimes here in our community and they shouldn't be released. >> all right, and the fact is that right now nothing's been cut, as he we sit here right now tonight, the extent that they let anybody out because they've got a feeling of a financial pinch, that's not true because it hasn't number one. if they're paying overtime to people, that's worse because we're paying extra. >> exactly. >> secondly, if the sequester is simply a slowed growth and that is still a growth you'd think they would have even more money, not a whole, not as much as they expected so i
7:18 pm
don't understand why they have to -- why they have to let anyone-- in a financial pinch just not getting as much cash as they expected. >> you're right. this is why it goes to the point and the viewers can decide, why would they do this now? this is a hot button issue, there's a new jersey debate going on nationally about the 11 million illegals, we all have different opinions about whether to give them a path to citizenship, a work visa or nothing. okay, we respect difference of opinions, but we all agreed just last week that these 34,000 criminal illegals, they need to be deported. identified and deported and now, they've just been given an actual budget pardon literally. >> sheriff, thank you. >> thank you, greta. >> as you noted the viewers, they certainly do have an opinion. now, they get a special time because we want to know what flair opinion is. so go to and again the question. does the obama administration have to release the illegal
7:19 pm
immigrants from detention because of the sequester or is the obama administration playing politics on this one? go to and tell anyone else to go to greta wire and comment, too. >> and a bus that carried female basketball players crashed on i-95 north of boston college students from university of maine. police say the bus was going southbound on the highway when it crossed into the northbound lane. the bus driver was seriously injured. no word on other injuries, we're going to bring you more information on the breaking news story as we get it. and straight ahead, it's a democratic fund raising group selling access to president obama? a watch dog group says yes, and you'll want to hear what they want president obama to do about it next. and a bartender helps police nab a drunk driver. her reward, a pink slip. why did she get fired? our legal panel is here to
7:20 pm
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>> okay, here is a question for you, can you buy time with president obama? is he for sale at the right price? organizing for action, a
7:24 pm
spin-off of the president's campaign committee promising big, big money donors invitations to presidential meetings. how much does it cost and does anyone object to this. a news editor rick is here, so how much does it cost, what is this program, first of all. >> $500,000 be and if you raise $500,000, organizing for action according to widespread reports is offering action to the president. and many top advisors if you reach this threshold. this project is an outgrowth of obama for america, organizing for action. this group is trying to support the obama agenda anyway that they can, and they're soliciting and going to be receiving unlimited donations from outside groups to try to do it and that's well and good and within the balance of the law. the question, when you're directly selling access to the president, meetings with the president and promising for certain income thresholds. >> and the same logo, and the same acronym, i don't know if
7:25 pm
they use the same logo. >> ofa. >> what does the white house say about this? >> the white house says they're not selling access to the president himself. and no guarantee, but ofa is not us. when talk about organizing for action what they're doing, the president can meet with people who support his agenda, but they dispute that it's a pure selling action. you look at what organizing for action is, the only reason it exists is to support the obama agenda and it's peopled by his former campaign folks and the whole idea is to mobilize the same army that reelected the president by the odds and fear into action, legislative action, they exist to support president obama, sort of a shadow campaign apparatus that's being unleashed now in the legislative process. >> greta: does anyone object to this? anyone complaining about this? >> yeah, and you're hearing a lot of cries from good government groups saying that this is just inappropriate. and look, the president is in a tough spot on this. he's been out on front on finance reform, saying he
7:26 pm
wants to support far more disclosure, wants to support, lots of ways to get money out of politics and this is undeniably a way that money is getting into politics and the idea of the president himself offering, offering himself, access to top level advisors, including presidents, that's a difficult-- >>, but is he actually, i mean, i could form a group that could completely support president obama and i could charge a whole bunch i guess the difference here, he gets 500,000 to meet with the president and that's the difference and are they saying that they will definitely meet if they get a phone call from this organization, to meet with the president and the president will do it. >> the white house is saying they're not making any commitment like that-- >> is it a nod and a wink? >> a little bit, but they're not denying that this is a possibility. something that could be offered right now, to the big money doan e, they're doing something that hasn't been tried before in politics and the way to do it in a big way is to sell access to the high level people, including the president. and that's how you get the big money in the door, they learned that lesson during the campaign, and now they're
7:27 pm
trying to put it into something that's not proven. >> greta: okay, $500,000 and you can have access to the president. >> not a bad gig. >> greta: a little pricey. nice to see you. >> thanks, greta. >> greta: coming up, did a high school teacher take a lesson in islam too far. girls dressed in burqas and a parent is here to talk about it. >> and battle of the billionaires, which tycoon did donald trump take down and why he's getting a big reward. we'll find out. lan. ameriprise advisors can help you like they've helped millions of others. to help you retire your way, with confidence. ♪ that's what ameriprise financial does. that's what they can do with you. let's get to work. ameriprise financial. more within reach.
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>> having girls dress in islamic burqas and call september 11th terrorists freedom fighters. did texas teachers go too far. what went on in a geography class. the superintendent said the teacher did nothing wrong. april la blanc's daughter was in that classroom, nice to see you, april. >> nice to see you. >> greta: for the life of me before we get to the question of calling them freedom fighters and the b in the world were they dressing up in geography class. you would think they'd dress up as the favorite continent, but why in a geography class? >> first of all we saw it and tried to give it the benefit of the doubt and tried to you know, say, hey, maybe they're learning socially things and keeping a real surface, but you know, what happened is the
7:32 pm
actual photo and seeing that, it really opened up a can of worms is what it did. >> the picture we're looking at was posted on facebook, is that correct? >> (inaudible) april, the picture of your daughter was put on facebook? looks like we've lost april so i guess i will tell the viewers, yes, it was posted on facebook and that's sort of what ignited this issue because some of the parents saw it. april, you're back? >> and just logged into the computer. >> greta: april, the picture goes on facebook and you saw it and you're upset. why were you upset? >> well, i was upset first of all, because it's in the classroom, obviously, i mean, my daughter didn't really know, you know, what the burqa really stood for. you know, i felt like, you know, like i said i felt like it was a cultural thing at first, but what happened is
7:33 pm
that photo led up into finding out what the actual, you know, the lesson of the day was and that's where the real problem began. >> greta: what's the lesson of the day, which is the problem for you? >> well, they began to really dive into the nation of islam, you know, the teacher began to touch on judaism and then began to, you know, talk about the nation of islam and they learned things who muhammad was, they learned the pilgrimage to the mecca, now, they told stories of muhammad and you know, how he is not supposed to be drawn and-- and i mean, just i'm thinking what is the point in this? what are they doing here in this geography class? >> well, i mean, i think it's, you know, interesting to learn about, you know, different religions and different cultures, but what i understand as part of the problem is that what some of
7:34 pm
the parents were upset about is the fact that they were talking like the freedom fighter, that the terrorists for september 11th were freedom fighters not that they were terrorists killing americans. >> hey, i'm all about culture, all about my daughter learning about different cultures to not judge, to love everybody, but what happened is, once it went from that, it led into, you know, her having to be politically correct as far as what you talk about the freedom fighters. there was a student in the classroom that sat next to my daughter who actually raised his hand and said, so you know, asking the teacher, are you telling me that we need to call the bombers of 9-11 freedom fighters? and she said i hate to have to tell you this, but yeah. so, it was comments like that that started scaring me. again i agree with you, okay with the culture and the surface, and they went to deep and making derrogatory
7:35 pm
statements and christianity was never brought up, it was supposed to have been part of the curriculum apparently my daughter received a work sheet, judaism, islam and christianity and comparisons and she did touch you have a little on judaism. one of the disturbing comments made about the judaism religion was that again, to talk about the holocaust and that holocaust she said they could no longer call that a genside, it had to be called ethnic cleansing in the classroom. i want to defend the teacher she was obviously not wanting to, she was sarcastic making t politically correct terms and my daughter thought she was pressured to use these terms. >> greta: and i think the viewers will be interested to hear what they thought about what happened in that
7:36 pm
classroom and what they would do if their children were in that classroom. go to >> thank you. >> greta: catch april and her daughter madeline live on fox and friends 6 a.m. evening. and now to south africa and yes, the oscar pistorius murder case just got stranger. first the lead detective was charged with attempted murder in an unrelated case and was then removed from the pistorius investigation and oscar pistorius's own brother charged with culpable homicide from the traffic accident and get in now the judge who released the olympian on bail last week, is facing a tragedy. confirming he's related to a woman suspected of killing her two children and committing suicide and says the woman is his first cousin. and more tonight. oscar pistorius is holding his own memorial service for the girlfriend he shot. holding a memorial service for
7:37 pm
reeva steenkamp at the home of his uncle. and a woman accused of slabbing and slitting her ex-boyfriend's throat in the shower, and the trial of jodi arias, the defendant sparring with juan martinez. >> this just happened? how is it you're not remembering what you're saying. >> because you're making my brain scramble. >> i'm again making your brain scramble n this particular case the problem is not you, it's the questions being posed by the prosecutor, right? >> no, not-- >> yes or no? >> yes or no? >> i would say no, and you interrupted me. >> so, in this case you're looking to point the finger at somebody else again, right? >> no, it's my fault. >> well, you're saying that it's the prosecutor that's asking you the question and that's creating a problem for you, right. >> that's not what i said. >> you said it's the way you're posing the questions. you just said that, right? >> i don't know. >> you don't know what you just said, ma'am?
7:38 pm
>> argumentive, your honor. >> i don't know. >> didn't it just happen? >> yes. >> so how is it that if it just happened you can't even remember what you just said? >> i think i'm more focused on your posture and your tone and your anger so it's hard to process the question. >> so the answer is it's again the prosecutor's fault because you perceive him to be angry, right. >> it's not your fault. >> greta: jodi arias is back on the stand tomorrow. and coming up a big battle is brewing, two brothers are taking a major beer maker to court. why are they so angry about their beer? and why beer is it? our legal panel is next, in a few minutes, a teacher tells a student to remove the u.s. marine t-shirt. that story minutes away. see, i figured low testosterone would decrease my sex drive... but when i started losing energy and became moody... that's when i had an honest conversation with my doctor. we discussed all the symptoms...
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7:41 pm
class one he had worn many times before. suddenly the teacher told him to take off the t-shirt or he'd be suspended, why? the teacher says the interlocking rifles violated the dress code. mcintyre complied and turned the t-shirt inside out and the father is says that it's about the marines. and they only ban violent gang stibls a symbols and that they should have consulted. and the father thinks it's because of recent mass shootings. what do you think, was the teacher out of line? go to and tell us. we're back in two minutes. i work for 47 different companies. well, technically i work for one. that company, the united states postal service® works for thousands of home businesses. because at® you can pay, print
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7:44 pm
ripping them off. and now they're filing a federal lawsuit against bud, and they're filing a class action lawsuit accusing anheuser-busch of watering down its beers. so do they have a case? joining us our legal panel and professional beer drinkers and ted, are you a plaintiff in this? >> i'm making a disclaimer, yeah. >> greta: what do you think, ted. >> i drink quite a bit of beer, but, you know, that's what-- but the fact. >> greta: before you arrived, right? >> and when you look at a company the size of anheuser-busch and these are individuals who drink a lot of beer and they represent a certain content in the beer, those individuals should get what they are bargain for. the only reason that i can see that anheuser-busch would want to do this and this is what the plaintiffs are saying, they're trying to save money. >> they're trying to save money, if these people win-- >> is it true it's less than
7:45 pm
5%? >> yeah, based on the research they did, it's true. if this is true then the grimm family, the brothers grimm, we have a class action suit and own anheuser-busch, and when we have a reunion, we try to get drunk. and they can't stand to be around me. what are the damages, i want today get real drunk and only got medium drunk. this is asinine. and this is on cable and-- >> and we had the speaker and the set the tone. >> jim, your turn. >> if they drink guinness like i do, no one would complain about watery beer. the only person that's going to win in this case are god bless them the plaintiffs lawyers, what they asked for if you look at the damage lawsuit. corrective advertising campaign. what does it mean. consumers get nothing, bernie and his brothers get nothing,
7:46 pm
good for the lawyers. >> maybe they want to say 3.2% alcohol. what does the test show? >> it could be, but what's it going to change, the lawyers going to make 10, 15, 20 million bucks off this thing and nobody read the label, god bless them. >> greta: if they're not the right amount, it doesn't bother you, the advertising. >> i mean, i-- i'm actually -- i'm an honest drinker, i'm with him i do not drink any of that pee that they sell here. and god saw that the irish were going to take over the world so he created alcohol. i don't drink beer i drink-- >> i like anheuser-busch beer. >> i like their products, too. >> do you feel cheated greta. >> greta: no, i don't, and one is enough. one beer is enough and do 3%. the near beer they used to have when i was a kid. >> and i was down in texas and everybody wanted to know your
7:47 pm
height, so-- >> in texas. >> but, the truth about it is i think the consumers should get what they bargain for and they bargain for a big amount of beer with a certain content. there you go. >> greta: ted the final word on that one. the case speaking of fear, an ohio bartender fired for alerting police to a drunk driver. she says she noticed that one of the bars regular customers was hammered when he left the bar and she called police to warn them about a drunk person behind the wheel and police got the driver and blue on the breathalyzer. the bartender did a good thing. the boss didn't think so, saying she was bad for business. okay, jim, anything wrong with the firing? >> this case really, really stinks and the funny segment to get heavy as a career prosecutor. as a before i was a prosecutor i was a reserve police officer. if you'd rolled up to the
7:48 pm
scene after accident and dead bodies and the guy behind the wheel smelled of booze, and mothers and fathers-- and she called the police and saves lives. i don't know if she has had a lawsuit, but this stinks. >> he knew he was drinking the watered down budweiser and i was a bartender before i went to law school. when people get drunk you have to get them flagged. it makes it unpopular. you're leaving a place and ton and a half of metal around you and you're drunk. >> i'm sure that they're saying this is bad for business. what is screwed up that they have dramshop laws in this country and meaning that if you're at a bar or something and get loaded and you go out there and you're into something, that business can be held responsible. >> greta: i'm with you, the civil suit that the bar owner had gotten had thguy had driven
7:49 pm
off and killed somebody, that guy would have lost his bar. >> and madd or mothers against drunk drivers should fight for this lady and-- >> if you under the dramshop laws, if you as a, someone who is serving beer, you own the place, waitress or whatever, and serve them knowing the person is drunk and gets in the car and drives off and kills somebody, there's going to be a civil suit or a dramshop as you probably noted and they're going to sue and want huge damages, wrongful death damages and they're going tore tfor the bar, the lie and everything else. >> terribly bad. >> that's the money aspect. on the human level, again, i have a seen these, i don't know if ted did when he was a police officer, but if you roll up on a scene ing mother ar driving home getting killed by a drunk driver. it's carnage one of the most leading causes of death in america and for her to get fired is a total travesty. >> greta: i think the owner
7:50 pm
ought to apologize and rehire her, she's good for business and maybe he'll do the right thing. anyway, gentlemen, as always, thank you. great ahead, donald trump taking on another billionaire, but not in the board room. this fight is in the ring that's next. if youthen this willbrids arbe a nice surprise. meet the 5-passenger ford c-max hybrid. c-max come. c-max go. c-max give a ride to everyone it knows. c max has more passenger volume than competitor prius v and we haven't even mentioned... c-max also gets better mpg. say hi to the super fuel efficient ford c-max hybrid. the people of bp made a commitment to the gulf., and every day since, we've worked hard to keep it. today, the beaches and gulf are open for everyone to enjoy. we've shared what we've learned,
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>> okay. time to look at the favorite tweets of the night. a big honor for donald trump. wwe wrestle mania tweets. welcome donald trump to the wwe hall of fame class of 2013. that's right, the business titan is joining the wrestling giants in the hall of fame. trump's long friendship with the wwe started in the 1980's hosted wrestle mania at the atlantic city hotel. the battle of the billionaires, trump and vince mcmahon trying to save their favorite hair and after trump got to slam him in the ring he had to shave his head. how did i miss that one. what is dennis rodman doing in north korea. i'm in north korea looking forward to sit do you think with kim jong un. and rodman and the harlem globetrotters are filming an h.b.o. show and running a basketball camp for kids and
7:55 pm
play with north korean basketball stars. and the finder is bac-- the binder is back and a binder full of women category, featuring photos of powerful women along with clues who they are. and the "titanic" the sequel. the new york post reporting eccentric aussie billionaire wants to build "titanic" 2, what could possibly go wrong? today the billionaire unveiling blueprints for the "titanic" 2, and construction is set to start soon and construction could start 2016 and 40,000 people expressed interest in in it. and it will go from south hampton to new york. skipping the iceberg, we hope. and parents find an unusual way to spend the off season. making sandwiches at jimmy
7:56 pm
john. nfl player made $399,000 last year and paking 7 an hour at jimmy johns and tweeting, first jimmy john as check. he says he took the sandwich making job to stay fit and out of trouble and now it's your term to hash it out with us. and hashtag your tweets and posts and find me at greta wire. and we think we had found an american idol in the making. you'll see the winning performance next. ♪ doo, doo, doo, doo ♪ dad, i'd put that down.
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